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Gabriel is a film and TV writer/director based in Los Angeles, California.

Signature characters, exaggerated concepts, and throwbacks to his Hispanic roots very often find their homes in the stories he tells. Gabriel's films often present the audience with a look at charming worlds that are slightly askew from those we find in our everyday lives.

He loves creating fantastically weird films in all genres, but deeply loves working in comedy, horror, and folklore. If there were ever a chance to marry all three, that'd be ideal.

His most recent short film, Cured, is currently on the 2019 festival curcuit and just had it's premier at the Miami International Film Fetval. You can watch Cured on Vimeo or Omeleto's YouTube page.


Apart from film and TV, Gabriel has also directed branded videos and commercials for FedEx, Land Rover, Gillette, Secret Deodorant, Loop Social, Nordstrom Rack, Dell Computers, and many more.


Please feel free to contact him with any questions regarding availability or potential projects. 



He also found it reeeaaally weird having to write this whole thing in the 3rd person.

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